German headquarter

Hist’Orius offers a guided visit, on foot, to the site of W3.

After the German invasion of the countries of Northern Europe, the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and his general staff constructed three major headquarters.

This was in order to control potential military operations on the Atlantic Front in the case of eventual Allied landings.

These headquarters were sited at :

  •           W1 at Bruly de Pesche  (Belgium)
  •           W2 at Margival, near Soissons  (Aisne, France)
  •           W3 at Saint Rimay near Montoire  (Loir et Cher, France)
In July 1942 it was decided to build W3 at St Rimay. For two years, the place was occupied by German troops supervising the construction by the TODT organisation -with help from free labour, prisoners of war and foreign conscripted labourers- of different buildings. The total project consisted of two main bunkers, an electric power plant, a switchboard and other buildings such as spots for Anti-Aircraft guns, shelters, wells, cisterns and traverse. The construction ended in June 1943. The surrounding hills were equipped with observation points, bunkers and Anti-Air- craft gun platforms.

Starting point : the parking area near the railway level crossing at Saint Rimay.

Duration : 3 hours for a distance of 6 km.